ASTER Labs, Inc. has numerous research programs on a broad variety of engineering-related topics.

A partial list of our programs is provided below to highlight research subjects.

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Discover the patents we have pursued with these technologies.


  1. Satellite Swarm Localization and Control via Random Finite Set Statistics

  1. Spacecraft Navigation Using Celestial Gamma-Ray Sources

  2. Spacecraft Navigation Using Variable Celestial X-ray Sources

  3. Deep Space CubeSat Gamma-Ray Navigation Technology Demonstration

  1. Integrated Spacecraft Navigation and Communication Using Radio, Optical, and X-rays

  2. Deep Space Navigation in Support of the NASA iROC Program

  3. Advanced Spacecraft Navigation and Timing Using Celestial Gamma-Ray Sources

  4. Milli-arcsecond X-ray Star Tracker

  5. Brain Machine Interfaces for Robotic Control in Space Applications

  6. Innovative X-ray Star Scanner for Spin Stabilized Microsatellites

  1. Deep Space Navigation and Timing Architecture Simulation

  1. Orbit Design Analysis, SIRIUS Satellite Radio Constellation

  1. Virtual Rigid Body - Spacecraft Formation Flying

  1. Vision-Based Positioning System

  1. Space Integrated GPS-INS (SIGI)


  1. Pulsar Signal Processing for Spacecraft Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Applications

  2. Gravity Aided Inertial Navigation system for SSBNs and other Naval Platforms

  1. Advanced Pulsar-Based Timing Concepts and Algorithms

  1. Non-GPS Based 3-D Locator Technology For First Responder Emergency Personnel

  2. P-Net: Picosecond Space-Time Calibration For Missile Technology

  3. Laser Communication-Based Navigation and Attitude Determination For Spacecraft

  4. Gravity Gradiometer Aided Navigation

  1. GPS-INS Integration


  1. Automated Dental Care Device for Persons with Oral Hygiene Disabilities

  1. Miniature Passive Device for Locating Lost Dentures in Care Facilities

  1. Precise Automatic Nail Trimmer to Aid Foot Care of the Elderly

  2. Accurate WiFi-Based Localization of Dementia Patients for Caregiver Support

  1. Application for Stuttering Treatment via Smartphone

  2. An Assistive Tool to Locate People and Objects with a Multimodal Thermogram Interface

  3. Monitoring Technology for the Prevention of Falls in the Elderly

  4. Wireless Hearing Aid Notification and Alarm System

  5. Indoor Route Following Tools for the Blind

  1. Vision Impaired Wayfinding with Doppler Velocimeter

  2. Blind Navigation Using Magnetic Anomaly Mapping Augmented with Inertial Sensors

  3. Indoor Personal Navigation System for the Blind Using Augmented GPS

  4. A Wireless Wearable System to Measure Adherence to Mind-Body Study

  5. Indoor Magnetic Wayfinding for the Visually Impaired

  6. Next Generation Technology for Chronic Care Self Management


  1. Mobile App For Flight Control of RoboSeed Monocopter

  2. GPS Attitude Determination

  3. Differential and Relative GPS


  1. Low Cost Sensing and Assessment of Grapevine Canopy Density for Improved Grape Production and Quality

Intellectual Property

       Based upon many of the projects above, we have patented specific intellectual property for different products.


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Our CEO operating a simulated spacecraft tracking system  in an underwater neutral buoyancy facility.